Lawn Care

Take a look through our lawn care information below where we’ve compiled helpful advice and tips to help you care for your new lawn. Read more about mowing, watering, fertilising or pest and disease.

Watch our helpful videos below that cover a range of topics from controlling pests and weeds to feeding, mowing and fertilising. These videos have some great information which covers everything you need to know to keep your new lawn in top shape.


Mowing your lawn

Feeding your lawn

Fertilising your lawn

Watering tips

The importance of soil PH

Controlling Lawn Pests

Controlling lawn weeds

Common lawn problems

Winter lawn problems

Controlling invasive grasses

What is soil compaction

Army worm eradication

Once you’ve installed your new lawn, care needs to be taken to ensure a healthy and lush lawn. Read our guide below and watch helpful videos for all you need to know about fertilisation, watering, mowing and more.


After laying your new lawn, mowing should begin between 2-4 weeks, depending on what season you lay your lawn and what variety of lawn. If you are unsure of when to start mowing after laying, try gently lifting a roll off the ground to see if the roots have bounded with the ground, if so this would be a good time to commence mowing.


  • In summer, try to avoid removing any more than 1/3 of the blade length in between mowing because your lawn will tend to get ‘shocked’ and turn slightly white in appearance.
  • In winter mowing should be kept to a minimum to reduce chance of frost burn.



Immediately after you lay your lawn watering should commence. For the first 2-3 weeks after laying we recommend watering twice a day to ensure full root penetration. After the 2-3 weeks, one good water per-week should be enough to maintain a healthy lawn (depending on season).


  • Always try to water your lawn early in the morning because there is less water evaporation.



Greenway turf recommends mixing a launcher fertiliser in with your soil before laying. This will maximise root penetration resulting in your lawn to catch on quicker. Fertilising your lawn is a must! We recommend fertilising your lawn 3 times a year, start of summer (Dec-Jan), end of autumn (April-May), and start of spring (Sep-Nov). We don’t recommend fertilising in winter because the turf will not feel the fertiliser (especially buffalo).


  • Avoid fertilising in the morning, as dew on the leaves may cause the fertiliser to stick, resulting in chemical burn.
  • Immediately after fertilising water the in thoroughly.


Pest and disease

Avoid fertilising your new lawn in warmer months with dynamic lifter because there is a greater chance of getting ‘black spot’, especially in humid wet months. There are systemic fungicides available to treat black spot if it is noticed. A well known pest around Sydney in the hot & humid months is Armyworm. If you suspect any armyworm in your lawn it’s a good idea to treat it with an insecticide from your local nursery e.g. Baythroid.