Laying Your New Lawn

Remember, turf is a living thing! Immediately after delivery start laying your new lawn.

Begin laying your new lawn, around the outside of the area to be turfed, against pathways, garden edges, etc. Forming a border. Then continue by laying across any slopes you may have, trimming excess turf at the border along the outside, with a sharp knife or spade.

Your turf should be layed in a brick pattern for a neater finish. Butt and push ends together tightly without stretching. Avoiding leaving gaps or overlapping. On a large lawn it is best to complete a small section by rolling turf as you go.

Rolling your lawn after laying can be an advantage as it will give your turf more even contact with the soil. Rolling your new lawn will drive out any air pockets, resulting in a nice flat look. A roller can be hired from your local hire store.

Give your lawn at least 25mm of water within 30 minutes of installation. (In summer), keeping turf moist, until it is firmly rooted. Be sure your new lawn has enough moisture to survive hot dry or windy conditions. Check turf by carefully lifting areas, looking for moisture and new roots. Once turf cannot be lifted, watering can be spaced to once or twice a week (depending on weather conditions).

Avoid traffic on your new lawn for the first month to avoid a bumpy finish.